Online Shop Terms and Conditions



Initial provisions


  1. SIRENE Online Shop is available at
  2. The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of the Online Shop at sireneeyewear.comas well as to the remote Contracts concluded with the Customer via Online Shop.




  1. Customer – buyer of products via Online Shop who concluded or will conclude a Contract with Sirene via Online Shop.
  2. Sirene – Sirene Sp. z o.o. registered as Sirene Sp. z o.o. at the physical address: Niemcewicza 7/9 194 Warsaw, Poland.
  3. Shop – Online Shop operated by Sirene at the website
  4. Terms and Conditions – the Terms of Conditions of the Shop.
  5. Order – direct expression of Customer’s will placed via Order Form and aimed directly at concluding a Product or Products Purchase Contract with Sirene.
  6. Account– Customer’s Account at the Shop. It contains data provided by the Customer and information about Orders placed by the Customer at the Shop.
  7. Registration Form – the form available at the Shop which enables to create an Account.
  8. Order Form – interactive form available at the Shop which enables to place an Order, in particular, by adding Products to the Bag and by establishing Terms of Contract.
  9. Bag – element of Shop’s software which displays Products selected for purchase by the Customer and enables to enter and modify Order details, in particular, the number of products.
  10. Product – glass frames, sun and corrective lenses, eyewear accessories and optical services available at the Shop which constitute the subject of Contract concluded by the Customer and Sirene.
  11. Contract– Contract covering the sales of Product concluded by the Customer and Sirene through Online Shop
  12. Courier – delivery service provider which is commissioned by Sirene to deliver the Product


Online Shop scope of Activity


  1. The following products are sold remotely through Online Shop by using the Internet network:
  2. Sirene corrective frames,
  3. Sirene corrective frames including corrective lenses manufactured upon individual Customer’s order,
  4. Sirene sunglasses,
  5. Essilor corrective lenses and Zeiss sun lenses,
  6. eyewear accessories.
  7. The sales of corrective lenses occurs upon individual Customer’s order regarding parameters of lenses which are to be installed in selected Sirene frames.  The customer selects in the order form parameters of lenses (sphere, cylinder, axis and others) as well as pupillary distance by:
  8. attaching scanned doctor’s prescription to the Order,
  9. sending scanned prescription to be included in the Order submitted previously (Note: in such case, processing the submitted Order is suspended until the scanned prescription has been delivered).
  10. providing the pupillary distance parameter in the Order form. If this parameter is missing, Shops’ Customer Service will contact the Customer.
  11. Customer’s safety and health are Sirene’s priorities when processing prescriptions for corrective lenses. Therefore, Sirene have established the following terms of processing prescriptions for corrective lenses:
    1. Sirene commits to process prescriptions only for corrective lenses falling into Essilor standard range, that is, from -6 D to +6 D and with cylinder power up to and including 2.00.
    2. Sirene reserves the right to refuse to process any prescription outside Essilor standard range. In such event, Shop’s customer service will contact the Customer to inform them that the prescription cannot be processed and to establish further steps in processing the order.
    3. Standard lenses do not include, in particular, progressive lenses. At Sirene we believe that this type of lenses should be delivered in direct contact between optician and Customer. It should be noted that this type of prescriptions is not processed by Sirene. Exception from this rule is possible only upon Customer’s explicit request and subject to Sirene’s prior approval.
    4. Sirene reserves the right to refuse to process any prescription, when prescription contains incomplete data, is illegible or when Sirene internal aesthetic or safety norms may not be met.
    5. Some powers of corrective lenses are available only at indexes higher than 1.5. In such event, Shop’s customer service will contact the Customer to inform them about additional fee for a higher index.
  12. Sirene does not assume responsibility for data which is incorrectly filled or provided by the Customer.
  13. Contract is concluded by the Customer and the Shop.
  14. Products in the Shop are precisely labelled. The Customer has access to information about Products’ properties, their prices, materials they are made of etc.
  15. Photos of offered Products are for guidance only and are used to display particular models.


Contact the Shop

  1. All enquiries and comments should be sent to the e-mail address: info@sireneeyewear.comor via contact form at Shop’s website
  2. Address for correspondence and products returns:

Sirene sp. z o.o.

Niemcewicza 7/9 194

02-022 Warszawa


  1. Bank account:

Bank: IdeaBank

Account no: 12 1950 0001 2006 9409 3797 0003



Technical requirements


In order to use the Shop, including browsing Shop’s assortment and ordering Products, the following are required:

  1. end device with access to Internet with minimum connection speed of 1 Mbps and an Internet browser: Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer.
  2. active e-mail account,
  3. enabled cookies,
  4. installed Flash Player,
  5. bank account or PayPal account or debit card approved by Sirene

We do not assume responsibility, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, for disruptions, including breaks, in Shop’s services caused by force majeure, unlawful acts of third parties or Shop’s incompatibility with Customer’s technical infrastructure.



  1. All prices in the Shop are in EUR or other currency as indicated in the relevant webpage and are gross (inclusive of VAT).
  2. Payments for all Products and delivery charges must be made before dispatch.
  3. Payment may be made via PayPal service, via direct transfer to Shop’s bank account, via card operating within a system accepted by Sirene or by PayU service.
  4. If you provide any incorrect data when making an order, or fail to make any payment when it is due, or cancel any payment, or commit any breach of these Terms then, in any of these events, we have the right to cancel the Contract.
  5. The final amount to be paid by the Customer includes the price of selected frames and, if the Customer selects to purchase corrective lenses at an additional charge, the price of selected corrective lenses or their variants.
  6. If the nature of subject of Contract does not allow to reasonably calculate the final price beforehand, the information on how the price will be calculated will be provided by Shop’s customer service, who will contact the Customer to calculate the final price. This situation may occur, in particular, when processing complex prescriptions for corrective lenses.


Creating an Account in the Shop

  1. In order to create an Account in the Shop, the Customer needs to fill in registration form. The following data must be provided: e-mail address and password to log in.
  2. Creating an Account in the Shop is free of charge.
  3. In order to log into the Account, the Customer must fill in login and password provided in the registration form.
  4. The Customer may, at any time, at their discretion, cancel their Account by sending the request to Sirene, in particular, via electronic mail sent to the address:


Terms of placing an Order

In order to place an Order, you need to:

  1. log into the Shop (optional);
  2. select the Product which you want to order,
  3. select the type of corrective lenses (optional),
  4. next click “Add to bag” button (or equivalent);
  5. log in or select the option of placing an Order without registration;
  6. if Order without registration option has been selected, fill in Order form by entering details of ordering party (buyer) and address where the Product is to be delivered, as well as provide invoice details if an invoice is to be issued;
  7. if corrective lenses are ordered, select the prescription previously saved on drive by using “Upload file” button. Next, confirm the selected file by using “Confirm Upload” button. In this way the prescription will be added to the order. The prescription should contain pupillary distance for each eye. The prescription can be also sent to the shop at a later date via e-mail.
  8. select one of available payment methods and, depending on the payment method, pay for the Order within defined timing.

You do not need to open an Account in order to browse the Shop’s assortment. Placing orders for Products available in the Shop’s assortment is possible either upon opening the Account in accordance with provisions of Par. 6 of Terms and Conditions or by providing required personal and address details, which will enable to process the Order without opening the Account.


Delivery methods and times

  1. We endeavour to dispatch ordered products within a maximum of 5 business days (this usually takes up to 24 hours) from the moment the order is placed and outstanding balance is fully paid. The above timelines do not apply to orders of corrective lenses or corrective lens frames.
  2. If corrective lenses are selected, the shipment time will be extended by the period required to prepare your lenses. In most cases this is 3 business days, but for more complex orders, processing a prescription may be extended to up to 21 business days.
  3. Sirene offers free delivery to all destinations around the world. However, please note that the customer is liable for any customs charges incurred during delivery.
  4. Orders are delivered via TNT and DHL delivery companies, which sometimes use local agents when delivering the package.
  5. Courier may require Customer’s signature upon package delivery. Therefore, please make sure you will be present in the place where package is delivered or alternatively another person can confirm its receipt on your behalf.
  6. Estimated delivery times:

Europe: 2-5 business days

US & Canada: 4-7 business days

Rest of the world: 7-14 business days

  1. Please note that delivery times are given as a guide only. Sirene does not take responsibility for any delays due to factors beyond Sirene’s control, such as customs clearance or payment issues.
  2. Although we are unable to guarantee precise delivery time due to various customs clearance procedures around the world, we will appreciate our Customers’ feedback on the service provided by our delivery agents which can be sent to e-mail address
  3. We recommend use of delivery tracking service provided by the Courier or directly by Sirene in order to check delivery status.
  4. If for any reason you do not receive your package within the estimated delivery time, please contact customer service via email at
  5. The Customer will be informed about subsequent stages of processing the order via email.
  6. If the package has been damaged before its delivery, the Customer should demand that the delivery agent draws up a written form where the condition of package and circumstances of damage are laid out.


Contract fulfilment

  1. The Contract is concluded by the Customer and Sirene once an Order is placed by the Customer via Order Form in the Online Shop in accordance with Par. 7 of Terms and Conditions.
  2. Once the Order is placed, Sirene promptly confirms its receipt and approves the Order to be processed. The order is confirmed and approved for processing by Sirene by means of confirmation email sent to the email address provided by the Customer in the Order Form, which contains at least Sirene’s confirmation of receiving the Order and its approval for processing as well as confirmation of concluding Contract. Once the above email communication is received by the Customer, the Contract between the Customer and Sirene is concluded.
  3. If the Customer selects:
  4. money transfer, PayPal payment or debit card payment, the Customer is obliged to make payment within 5 days from concluding the Contract. Otherwise, the Order will be cancelled.
  5. The product will be dispatched by Sirene within the time indicated in product info (subject to section 5 of this paragraph).
  6. If the Order consists of Products with various delivery dates, the most distant delivery date applies.
  7. Product dispatch time runs from the day the balance has been fully paid to the Seller’s account.
  8. If the Order consists of Products with various ready-to-collect dates, the most distant ready-to-collect date applies.
  9. Product’s ready-to-collect by the Courier date runs from the day the balance has been fully paid to the Seller’s account.
  10. Product delivery is available to all destinations around the world, excluding locations not serviced by TNT and DHL companies or their local agents.


Right of withdrawal

  1. Besides cases referred to in section 2 and 3 of this paragraph, the Customer has the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 days without giving any reason.
  2. Sirene informs that the right of withdrawal does not apply in case of:
  3. purchase of frames with corrective lenses produced upon individual Customer’s order;
  4. manufacturing corrective lenses upon individual Customer’s order.
  5. The withdrawal period specified in section 1 begins on the day the Customer, or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the Customer, acquires the physical possession of Product.
  6. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer must inform Sirene of their decision to withdraw from the Contract. To meet the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient to send a statement before the withdrawal period has expired,
  7. The statement may be sent to Sirene’s e-mail address or submitted on Sirene website – Sirene’s contact details are provided in paragraph 3. The statement can be also submitted on the form which can be found in attachment 1 to Terms and Conditions.
  8. Once the statement has been submitted by the Customer, Sirene will promptly send confirmation of receipt of withdrawal from Contract to the email address provided by the Customer.
  9. Effects of withdrawal:
  10. If the Customer withdraws from the Contract within 14 days, the Contract shall be considered null and void.
  11. If the Customer withdraws from the Contract, Sirene shall reimburse all payments received not later than 14 days from the day of receiving Customer’s statement on withdrawal from the Contract and Product’s return.
  12. Sirene will reimburse payments using the same payment method which was used by the Customer in the initial transaction, unless the Customer has given explicit consent to a different solution, which will not incur any additional costs for the Customer.
  13. The Customer should send back the Product to Sirene’s address provided in the Terms and Conditions promptly, not later than 14 days from the day on which the Customer communicated withdrawal from the Contract.
  14. The Customer shall bear the direct costs of Product’s return
  15. Products returned within withdrawal procedure shall be sent to the following address: Sirene sp. z o.o. ul. Niemcewicza 7/9 194 02-022 Warszawa Polska


Warranty and Liability

  1. The Contract applies to new Products.
  2. Sirene is obliged to deliver a Product which is free from defects. Product’s non-conformity with the Contract shall be considered a defect.
  3. Sirene provides 12-month warranty for its Products.
  4. In the event of defect of Product purchased from Sirene, the Customer is entitled to lodge a complaint.
  5. Complaint shall be submitted in writing via email sent to In order to lodge a complaint, complaint form provided by Sirene can be used.
  6. The complaint shall include, among others, a concise description of defect, circumstances (and the date) of its occurrence, personal details of the Customer submitting a complaint and Customer’s claim in relations to the Product’s defect.
  7. Sirene shall respond to the claim promptly, not later than within 14 days.
  8. Products returned within complaint procedure shall be sent to the following address:  Sirene sp. z o.o. ul. Niemcewicza 7/9 194 02-022 Warszawa Polska
  9. If the complaint is accepted, Sirene shall send to the Customer a product free from defects or with a defect removed within a reasonable period of time. If the particular product runs out of stock, Sirene shall offer another product from its assortment.


Personal data in the Online Shop

  1. Sirene is the administrator of Customers’ personal date collected via Online Shop.
  2. Customers’ personal data collected by the administrator via Online Shop are collected to fulfil the Contract and for marketing purposes, subject to Customer’s agreement.
  3. Personal data of Customers of Online Shop may be used for the following purposes:
  4. In case of a Customer who selects courier delivery option, Administrator will pass collected Customer’s personal data to selected Courier.
  5. In case of a Customer who uses electronic payment or payment with debit card in the Online Shop, Administrator will pass collected Customer’s personal data to a selected entity servicing the above payment methods in the Online Shop.
  6. The Customer shall have the right to access and amend their data.
  7. Providing personal data is voluntary; however, not providing personal data, indicated in the Terms and Conditions, necessary to conclude the Contract makes the Contract inconclusive.
  8. Collected data are subject to strict protection, according to the applicable regulations. Administrator shall endeavour to ensure proper level of security for the stored data.
  9. The Shop uses cookies. During Customer’s visit to Shop’s website, the Shop’s system sends to Customer’s machine at least one cookie file, in order to clearly identify the browser. Shop’s server automatically registers data sent by Customer’s browser while web pages are displayed. Server logs may contain such data as network requests, IP address, browser type and language, date and hour of sending request. These data allow to improve the quality of services thanks to identifying and storing Customers’ preferences and following trends, such as ways of browsing the Shop. The Customer may refuse the receipt of cookies, which will guarantee their anonymity; however, without registering cookies, the Shop will be unable to identify the Customer and their preferences. Detailed information about Cookies are contained in Cookies Policy available in Cookies tab
  10. The Shop uses Cookies in order to:
  11. record login;
  12. record preferences of Service display;
  13. create statistics and Shop viewability reports.
  14. The Shop informs that if User does not introduce any changes in cookies settings, cookies will be placed on User’s end device. In such case, the Shop may store data on User’s end device and obtain access to these data.
  15. Information about management of cookies in particular browsers can be found on website dedicated to relevant browser.
  16. The Shop informs Customers that offered services are delivered via public Internet network. Therefore, the Shop would like to draw Customers’ attention that using Shop’s services may involve risk related to interference of third parties in transmission of data transferred via Internet between the Shop and the Customer
  17. Information about terms and methods of recording, securing and providing the content of concluded contract by the Shop to the other party:
  18. recording, securing and providing the content of concluded contract occurs by sending relevant email message upon concluding the Contract.
  19. recording, securing and providing the content of concluded Contract occurs by sending Order specification and receipt to the email address provided by the Customer.
  20. the content of concluded contract is additionally recorded and secured in the IT System of Service Provider and shall be made available upon Customer’s request.


Final provisions

  1. The shop is property of and operated by Sirene Sp. z o.o. with registered headquarters in Sienna 91/12 00-815 Warszawa Polska, registered in National Court Register (KRS) under: KRS 0000588513, NIP 9121881429, REGON 363106941
  2. The contracts concluded by the Shop are in English language or other language selected by the Shop.
  3. Sirene reserves the right to amend Terms and Conditions for justified reasons, i.e.: change of legal regulations, change of payment and delivery methods – to the extent these changes affect fulfilment of provisions of the Terms and Conditions.
  4. The Polish law shall apply in all matters not provided for in the Terms and Conditions.
  5. The Customer shall have the right to use out-of-court methods of claim resolution and compensation provision. For this purpose, the Customer can lodge a complaint via EU online platform ODR available at:
  6. The Customer using the shop confirms that they are granted access to the Shop only for the purpose of concluding the Contract.
  7. No content of the Shop may be downloaded, copied, reproduced, transmitted, stored, sold or distributed without the prior consent from Sirene.
  8. All copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in the Shop and its content, which includes, without limitation, the website design, colour scheme, layout, text, images, graphic design and all software and source codes are owned by or licensed to Sirene.