Venus Matte Silver


Born of the sea and shrouded in an aura of sensuality; we have also been enchanted by her persuasive female charm. With these sunglasses you will become a Venus in the universe of passionate gazes.

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– Handmade
– Refined metal construction
– Adjustable nosepads
– Titanium Sun symbols on temples

– Frontal: titanium plated stainless steel
– Temple: titanium plated stainless steel, Mazzucchelli acetate

If you are interested in getting prescription glasses please choose from options we prepared for you below. All prescription lenses are very of high quality made by Essilor. We will ask you for a prescription later at the checkout.

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Additional Information

Lenses and coatings

Crizal Forte UV: ultra transparency 100€, Crizal Prevencia : digital device light protection 110€, none, Regular lens with anti-reflection FREE

Transitions® (Photochromic)

Brown Transitions® 120€, Graphite Green Transitions® 120€, Grey Transitions® 120€, none

Sun lenses

Black 70€, Brown 70€, Green 70€, Grey 70€, none

High index (thinner) lenses

1.6 index (30% thinner) 40€, 1.67 index (40% thinner) 60€, none


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