Sirène was born out of a passion for beauty, stars and the universe which drives the pursuit of perfection when manufacturing our unique glasses. You can sense European fashion heritage in each and every pair of Sirène frames made with titanium covered metals or Mazzucchelli acetate.
Like space travellers chasing their dreams, the Sirène production team reach for unbridled excellence in their craft. Their passion is demonstrated by the use of space-age high technology materials, dedication to quality and the utmost attentiveness to detail.

Thanks to the precision and perfection of their masterpieces, they are like aerospace engineers who make the eternal dream of reaching the stars come true.
With Sirène eyewear your eyes will shine like stars on a cloudless night sky.



The multidimensional coming together of our brand draws inspiration from the literature of the 20th century, space technology, and the history of culture and design. Descriptions of particular models and communication in the broadest sense of the term also relate to these motifs. The name “Sirène” was inspired by “The Sirens of Titan” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr and space technology inspired the use of glistening titanium for frames manufacturing. The star and sun are the brand emblems included on each pair of frames. Each model of frames is named after stars, planets or other cosmic entities.



These glasses are hand-crafted in Europe from top quality Italian components, from reputable manufacturers, including acetates from Mazzucchelli, classic Italian windsors, gold or silver pated temples, corrective lenses from Essilor or sun lenses from Zeiss. All frames are anti-allergic with titanium-coated metal parts. The frames are complimented by extras of top quality design and manufacture, such as cleaning wipes and screen printed cases as well as high quality supportive materials for opticians.



The design is expressive and coherent across all dimensions. It can be noticed in each and every detail starting from packaging, through wipes and frames to our photo shoots, our website or even our business cards. The unique, elegant designs draw from the history of numerous decades but introduces a fresh and original format.

The designs contain unique color compositions as well as windsor and acetates imitating stone of unmatched beauty. All frames feature elements made of metal which is currently the most desirable material.

The use of detail – the star on the front, the sun and citation engraved on the temples – ensures a distinctive look.


The concept and execution of first Sirène collection photo shoot by Jacek Kołodziejski and Anna Łoskiewicz.